Administration Structure

Management Board and Fiscal Council

Management Board

The Management Board, which is elected by the Members in General Assembly, consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and three other members. Its responsibilities include: the administrative, financial and social management of the Association; conducting the affairs of the Association in a proper and prudent manner in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Portugal and the Statutes governing it operations; and executing the decisions of Members in General or Extraordinary Assembly so as to achieve the desired legally appropriate aims and objectives. The Management Board also undertakes the following additional functions: to appoint members to undertake specific functions; to prepare and to present to the General Assembly a plan of activities and a proposed budget of expenditure for the ensuing year; and to prepare and present to the General Assembly the report and accounts for the previous year.

Jenny ClarkePresident

Jackie BillingsTreasurer/SNiPs Co-ordinator

Sue RastallAlbufeira Shop Manager

Pat EdwardsSilves Shop Manager

Barbara BarnesMembership Secretary

Jane NorrisSecretary

Fiscal Council

The Fiscal Council is also elected by the Members in General Assembly and consists of a President assisted by two members. Its responsibilities include: verification of the administrative and financial acts of the Management Board; auditing the books and documentation of the Association; whenever deemed necessary check balances and verify the existence of title deeds and securities of any kind; whenever deemed necessary issue an opinion regarding the accounts, the budget and the plan of activities for the ensuing year; issue an opinion regarding all acts which involve the sale, voluntary mortgage or any other kind of conveyance or encumbrance pertaining to the assets and estate of the Association. The members of the Fiscal Council are entitled to attend and speak at meetings of the Management Board. They do not have the right to vote.

Do EvesPresident

Laurie BarnettFiscal Council Member

Vickée TaylerFiscal Council Member


Zélia SantosHelpline number 913 185 543

About Us

APAA's main aim is to reduce the number of unwanted and/or abandoned animals on the Algarve by offering financial help towards the cost of sterilising or neutering pets.


APAA - Associação de Protecção dos Animais do Algarve
Association for the Protection of Animals in the Algarve

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